Digital Storytelling @ Learning 2.011 in Shanghai

by Melodee Peters, ESL teacher

In September 2011, a group of ISM teachers attended the Learning 2.011 conference in Shanghai. I was assigned to the Digital Storytelling cohort.

We were introduced to a number of audio sites for podcasting, such as My interest was to find ones that I could download as Apps on my phone to use in the classroom quickly without the hassles of having to get a laptop, waiting for it to boot up and logging in. The App that I downloaded onto my phone and with which I practiced is a free app called SoundCloud.

Since my return from Shanghai, I have used the SoundCloud app to record my ESL students reading texts for the running records. Having poor wi-fi connectivity in my classroom was not a problem because I could save the SoundCloud recordings on my phone until I had better connection and then I uploaded the recordings. Another reason I prefer SoundCloud is that I do not have to take up a lot of server space to save the recordings. I keep them online where I can access the recordings any time from any where. The big selling point for using SoundCloud is that it provides the option of making the recordings public or keeping them private.

However, as the ESL TA does not have a phone on which to download Apps, she can use SoundCloud via the internet site and assist me in recording students. Thus, we have multiple ways of recording our students in class.

Another audio site with which I experimented is This site allows our students to upload images and then put voice to images. For example, if students were to upload a photo they took of their pet at home, on blabberize they can create a mouth on the cat and students can give the cat a voice. I find this particularly useful to help ESL students to practise tone of voice in their speech.

To create visuals to accompany speech, I’ve shown my students GoAnimate. I created this video to show my students how it can be used in Social Studies.

Here are further sites to explore:

Go forth and learn!

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