Brain Compatibility: Teaching the Way the Brain Learns

Brain Compatibility: Teaching the Way the Brain Learns
Consultant: Nicki Giegert
September 6-7, 2012 Singapore
September 10-11, 2012 Melbourne, Australia

Brain research over the past twenty years has revealed that best practices in education must be aligned with how the brain learns best. This has resulted in a paradigm shift that educators now recognize as “Brain Compatibility” or “Brain Based Learning”. The brain has been called the last frontier of knowing how the human functions and a concerted effort was made in the 1990’s that involved neuroscientists, biologists, psychologists, cognitive scientists, educational researchers and biochemists to better understand the relationship between the effect of emotions, patterns, meaningfulness, environments, body rhythms, attitudes, stress, trauma, assessment, music, movement, gender, enrichment, and even special needs issues and learning.

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