Emergent Curriculum in Children’s Learning Environment

Emergent Curriculum in Children’s Learning Environment
Consultant: Dr. Crowther
November 8-10, 2012 Singapore
November 13-15, 2012 Melbourne, Australia

The focus of this interactive workshop is to enhance understanding and application about emergent curriculum principles in developing learning environment for young children.

Through discussions, hands-on and reflective activities, participants will gain a deeper understanding about the principles of emergent curriculum – observation and documentation of learning, planning based on documented observations and children’s interests and learning, interpretation of observations and documentation, and setting up an environment that supports active play for both individual and group learning.

For more information, kindy click on these links: http://www.sanguineconsulting.com/WorkshopsNew/Emergent12SIN.html and http://www.sanguineconsulting.com/WorkshopsNew/Emergent12MEL.html


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