Fabulous Session with Doug Goodkin – Orff Music Consultant – Feb 18, 2014

Thank you so much to the 100 parents who attended the Parent Coffee with Orff Music Consultant, Doug Goodkin. Those who were there were treated to a unique musical experience. Below is a brief clip of the the fun that was had by all. Many parents did not feel they were “musicians”, but I think you will agree with Doug that they really are! To view the video, please click on the picture below.

Parent Coffee

Following on from the Parent Coffee, Doug spent two days with ISM music teachers giving several practical workshops on infusing the Orff approach into music lessons. As Doug enjoys sitting on the floor with children of all ages singing songs, playing games and getting up to dance and play music, we made sure he spent time in classrooms with ISM students teaching model lessons. Our teachers soaked it all in and have begun to apply some of their learning in classrooms already.

When he’s not playing with children, Doug is playing with adults in Orff-Schulwerk teacher training courses in over 36 countries worldwide. He has written eight books guiding teachers in the art of play and the play of art.¬†You can learn much more about Doug on his website at douggoodkin.com.

Click the photo to see the teachers at play.

Doug Teachers


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