“Big Ideas & Practical Ideas for Math Instruction” – Steve Leinwand, Jan 17-18, 2015

ISM is very pleased to host Steve Leinwand for this 2-day workshop to support mathematics teachers. We hope you will choose to take part.

Workshop Overview:

This fast-paced, example-laden, interactive two-day workshop/seminar will blend the spirit of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics with the instructional practices required for successful implementation. We’ll begin with a series of web-available tasks to model and discuss the teaching and learning we envision and need to cultivate. On this foundation, we’ll briefly examine the benefits and challenges that arise from implementing the Common Core and then turn to a set of research-affirmed, easy-to-adapt instructional shifts that maximize accessibility to the mathematics we are teaching. For each instructional shift, we’ll model, discuss, and practice the shift. The workshop/seminar will end with an exhortation and practical ideas to build and use a range of collaborative structures that are essential for reducing professional isolation.

Come prepared to play, share, question and learn!





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