Quality Co-Teaching to Support Language Learning with Dr. Virginia Rojas, April 18-19, 2015

Workshop Overview:

Many schools have been on the journey of growing their capacity in the realm of co-teaching for supporting language learners. This is a huge undertaking and schools need support networks to continue to learn and grow. This conference will bring in multiple voices and perspectives to keep us all moving forward in our journey.

Dr. Virginia Rojas will share inspiring keynotes and guide us through several breakout sessions to hear from the viewpoint of students, mainstream teachers, ESL teachers, and administration on sustaining a co-teaching model and keeping it alive and growing.

Come to be inspired, share your journey with colleagues, grow as a learner, and discover more about what quality co-teaching looks like in schools that are really working to bring the vision and the reality closer together. Please also consider leading a break-out session or facilitating a collaborative discussion as guided by Gini. We hope you will join us for this event!




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