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Using the Funding Application Website

Please view the video tutorial below to learn how to use the new PD Funding Application Website to complete an Indiviual Funding Application. Please see Sam Cook in the Professional Learning office if you have any questions or problems.

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To access the Funding Website from off campus read this: ACCESSING THE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING APPLICATIONS_Off Campus


To accept funding read this: Accepting Funding


To see the Funding Rubric: Funding Rubric


Professional Learning Guidelines

What is professional learning?

For educators, professional learning is continuous and deliberate growth in the knowledge, skills and understandings, and dispositions; all of which are strongly correlated with improving learning in children and adolescents.

International School Manila believes that each of our faculty is an integral member of our learning community, and all faculty members should be encouraged to access professional learning. In order to ensure that faculty can gain access to funding, the following guidelines for teachers have been developed.

For more details on funding guidelines, please click on this link: Professional Learning Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Funding Awards

Could I use my funding for credit registration?

No. The school does not cover expenses for transcript requests, credit registration or the non-refundable deposit for the Master’s registration for SUNY.

Could I apply for more than one funding per year?

Yes. Individuals may apply for more than one funding allocation per year with the support of their principal; however, due to budgetary constraints, the PL Committee may assign a lower priority for available funds to these applications.


How do I make pre-payments?

In order for payments to occur in advance, a Request for Payment Form must be completed. All invoices, supporting documentation, and description of activities or services must also be included.


Do I get per diems for school-funded professional learning travel?

Unless otherwise specified, teachers will not receive per diems for external professional learning. Per diems can be granted under special circumstances as determined by the Principal or Learning Coordinator.

Could I reimburse my meal expenses?

No. The school does not cover expenses for meals, transcript requests, credit registration or the non-refundable deposit for the Master’s registration for SUNY.

How long does it take to get my reimbursement?

Reimbursements will be processed upon submission of the Reimbursement form together with the original receipts to the Learning Coordinator’s Office. Deadline for submission of the reimbursement forms is before the end of each month in order to include it in your following payroll. Otherwise, it will be reflected in your succeeding payroll. Reimbursement can be deposited based on the currency used, either dollars or pesos.

If I got a cash advance what should I do when I return?

For cash advances, a Liquidation Form together with the official receipts must be submitted to the Learning Coordinator when you return.


What is the purpose of the Travel Allowance Pre-Approval Form?

The school travel agent submits the Travel Allowance Pre-Approval Form to the Learning Coordinator. It contains quotes from three different airlines. Upon approval, booking can be made.

What is the purpose of the Accommodation Pre-Approval Form?

An Accommodation Pre-approval Form must be submitted to the Learning Coordinator’s Office before accommodations can be booked, and whenever possible should include three quotations for accommodation in the vicinity of the learning activity. It is assumed that traveling faculty will do everything possible to ensure reasonable rates for their accommodation that includes breakfast.

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