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KidzYoga Faculty Training, October 2, 2012

On October 2, Grace Hetherington (KidzYoga trainer) taught two 30 minute KidzYoga lessons with ISM Grade 7 and 8 students and followed that up with a 3-hour training session with 20 ISM teacher. Here are some photos of the groovy poses:

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Information Processing Models at ISM with John Joseph – Sep 23, 2012

John Joseph took us through this great activity!

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John Joseph – Learning in the Emotional Rooms – ISM, Sep 22, 2012

John Joseph gave a masterful presentation at ISM today on Learning in the emotional rooms. Highlights included dissecting a goat’s brain, playing the human synapse game, taking creative and critical thinking inventories, and hearing John’s personal story of how he beat cancer with laughter and motivation to learn something new. Here are a couple of video highlights from the day.

Brain Dissection:

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Human Synapses:

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Erma Anderson Visits ISM, August 2012

Erma Anderson, Math Consultant from the United States, visited with our ISM faculty from August 28-31, 2012. Erma inspired our teachers to dig deep into inquiry mathematics and truly teach for understanding. She also met with parents to encourage them to support their children at home by asking them to explain their understanding and show their parents how they think the math problems should be done; a definite shift in thinking. Here are some photos of Erma’s time with us.

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Informational Meetings

If you would like to learn more about registration, being a presenter, pre-conferences, or anything else ETC-related, please attend one of the informational meetings to be held on September 24th and 27th in room P045, 3-3:45.  Deadline for presenter proposals is October 25th, and the deadline to register for the conference is January 25th.

Be sure to scroll down to the various pages under the main menu heading “EARCOS Teachers’ Conference” for further information, registration forms, videos, and more.

Happy Learning!

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