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DL 560 Foundations of Creative Learning and Thinking

EDL 560 Foundations of Creative Learning and Thinking with Barry Oreck

The purpose of this course is to study the theoretical and practical aspects of creativity, i.e., what is it and how do we develop it in ourselves and our students? This course is a basic overview of major definitions, theories and research related to the study of creativity and the creative individual. Class members will learn various techniques for teaching creative thinking in oneself and one’s students. Topics will also include a review of instruments for measuring creative thinking abilities, methods for enhancing personal creative abilities and techniques for examining the creative process.

December 4-13, 2009

Please refer to these documents:
EDL 560 registration form
Appendix 7.10 Funding Application (Graduate Credit)


Differentiation: Making Inclusion Work

Differentiation: Making Inclusion Work with William Powell and Ochan Kusuma-Powell 

Workshop Description:

How can we help teachers along their journey towards differentiating instruction in mixed readiness classes? This interactive and practical workshop will give participants a framework to develop skills and approaches for differentiating instruction in inclusive classrooms. Using a “double track” curriculum of theory embedded in skills, educators will observe and participate in the “process” of differentiated teaching as it is orchestrated, modeled and explicated.

February 13-14, 2010

Please refer to these documents:

Registration Details
Registration form
Workshop Description
Hotel Reservation

Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classes

Need some tips on how to motivate and work with English Language Learners?

Starting on September 28th
Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classes

  • Communicate more effectively with English language learners
  • Recognize areas where students need language support
  • Develop knowledge of genre and language
  • Work with written and visual texts
  • Use oral language

You can receive Master’s credit through SUNY for this course.

The course will be held on the following dates:





September 28, Monday


ESL students and learning in a second language 3PM-6PM
October 5, Monday


Language and learning and the role of language 3PM-6PM
October 12, Monday

3 and 4

Oral language: how the task shapes the talk/Interpreting and producing oral texts 3PM-7PM (4 hours)
November 9, Monday


Working with written and visual texts 3PM-6PM
November 16, Monday


Working with written/visual texts at the test level 3PM-6PM
November 23, Monday


Developing knowledge of genre and language at the language level 3PM-6PM
December 7, Monday

8 and 9

Assessing written texts/Programming and whole-school models of support for ESL students 3PM-7PM (4 hours)

If you are interested, please contact Fiona Matthew or Pippa Beetson

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