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European Literacy Coaching Cohort 2013-15

European Literacy Coaching Cohort 2013-15
A CEESA and ECIS Joint Initiative

A knowledgeable, well-trained literacy coach can support the work of principals and curriculum specialists by providing deep and sustainable change in literacy instruction at the classroom level.
The first ECIS/CEESA international training program for literacy coaches started in the fall of 2011. The CEESA group of approximately 25 participants was comprised of teachers from different countries and schools across four regions in the international world. Under the direction of Carrie Ekey, Katherine Casey, and Shannon Stanton, these teachers completed the two-year program at the CEESA Spring Educators Conference in Prague in 2013. The opportunity for in-depth training over time and the chance to network with literary specialists form schools around the world have been especially valuable to the participants.

For more details, kindly click on this link:Lit Coaching flyer 2013-15 (2)


Transactional Analysis as an Effective Approach to Behavior Management

Consultant: Maureen McGinty
February 21-22, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

For Teachers, Counselors, Learning Support Teachers and Assistants
Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory of communication that is able to be applied and used practically to develop effective educational practice.

It can be applied successfully in a range of situations in educational settings:

  • is an effecive strategy to be able to ‘tune in’ and read a class
  • refocus individual pupils with minimal disruption
  • reframe
  • provides an effective language to structure behavior interventions and reward progress
  • can be taught to pupils

This course will introduce you to key concepts of Transactional Analysis and give you practical guidance on how to implemtn this in your practice.

It will enhance any strategies currently in use for behavior management and will add an extra dimension to your professional skills of behavior management/counselling.

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Digital Dimensions: Explore Web 2.0 tools and digital media to support learning

Digital Dimensions: Explore Web 2.0 tools and digital media to support learning
Consultant: Julie Lindsay
September 15-16, 2012
Brent International School Manila

What will your digital journey be like this year? Let’s kick-start the adventure now in his hands-on, proejct-based, collaborative workshop. Explore exciting Web 2.0 tools (like blogs, wikis, podcasts, twitter, digital storytelling, and social bookmarking). In addition, explore digital media to support learning and formative as well as authentic assessment across the curriculum. An essential element of the workshop is to work together in a constructivist learning environment, and by using global collaboration tools, work on a tangible product (s) that can be used immediately in the classroom. The workshop is designed to open doors to new modes of teaching and learning and focus on the learner (teacher and student) as a communicator, collaborator and creator.

For more information kindly click on this link: Digital Dimensions

Autism 2012 Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium

Autism 2012 Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium
October 24-26, 2012
Toronto, Canada

Since 1986, Geneva Centre for Autism has been hosting this pre-eminent international conference on autism, bringing together professionals, educators, parents and researchers from around the world, and focusing on the leading research and clinical practices in the field of Autism.

Watch out for the special features:

  • complimentary symposium proceedings available online to all registrants
  • complimentary symposium poster to all attendees featuring the 2012 ASD Symposium Ambassador
  • great discounts for early registrants and group registrations
  • on-site art gallery featuring works of international artists, all of whom have ASD
  • on-site exhibit hall with over 50 exhibitors displaying a variety of products and services
  • extensive bookstore, offering the most comprehensive selection of autism related publications, presented by ParentBooks
  • research poster and round table presentations showcasing ongoing research, cutting-edge research studies, and examples of best clinical practice

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Music & Movement for Young Learners

Music & Movement for Young Learners
Consultant: Dr. Gifford
February 21-22, 2013 Singapore
February 25-26, 2013 Melbourne, Australia

Let’s get physical! Learn how to help young children use movement and creativity to relate to every aspect of music and other content areas. From melody and rhythm to dynamics and form, children can deepen and broaden their understanding of all kinds of music when they use their bodies and minds together. As children become musically literate, they respond actively by listening, reading, writing, creating, and arranging music. And once children have tuned in, teachers can capitalize on the motivating power of music to help children learn basic skills and concepts.

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