Q:  I am applying to be a presenter and I noticed that I need to have an “aide”.  Will this aide receive an airfare and hotel stipend as well?

A:  Full stipends are provided for presenters only.  If you are partnering with a second teacher to prepare and deliver the presentation, and you are approved as a presenting team, then you will both receive the presenter’s stipend.  If, however, the second teacher is simply serving the function of assistant (checking room set up, distributing handouts, acting as trouble-shooter if anything goes wrong, etc.), then they will NOT be considered a presenter for funding purposes.

Q:  Do I need to apply for leave for the school days I will miss for the conference?

A:  Yes.  You will need to go to payroll web to apply for leave for any school days missed. Also be sure to speak to your PL and principal to get approval before registering for the conference.



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